Mampi Swift – Big Tune EP

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Drum and Bass and Junglist legend Mampi Swift – a man whose name is synonymous with the late-90s golden age of the genre and arguably one of the main players who helped transition the sound away from the samples based and a ragga dominated aesthetic, into the more modern, up front, synth heavy sound we know today – is set to release his first EP in two years on his newly relaunched Charge Recordings imprint, a label whose catalogue has, since its inception, defined the evolution of modern drum and bass.

The EP sees Mampi embrace the sound that made his technically gifted, ‘double drop’ heavy DJ sets around the world awe inspiring, whilst advancing on the foundations he laid all those years ago by utilising a hyper modern sound set alongside his classic palette of pioneering tones that emerged in the wake of the jump-up and early DnB explosion.

msThe tracks utilise bouncy synth work and relentless rolling drums alongside deftly place transitions to create a collection of dancefloor heavy bangers that draw upon all of his influences and experience as well as paying homage to the entire gamut of DNBs numerous sub-genres and attitudes. From the sugar rush, endorphin high of the titular opening number, the Andy C, Mista Jam,Roni Size and Friction supported Big Tune feat Dapz and Dynamite MC, all the way through to the aggressive ragga ballad Time.

The EP takes a futuristic pit stop in middle America with the bombastic and ridiculously brilliant Detroit Bass – a number that harvests classic synth sounds from the lates 80s and early 90s, the rave ready, plucked percussive stabs, the heaving John Carpenter-esq arpeggios, the hi-fi faux string sounds and retro hoover sweeps and combines them with reese swells and the clipped, staccato drum tracks of 2015s neuro scene to devastating effect – before returning, Full Cycle, to Bristol with Iron Side a number originally destined for release with Roni Size’s legendary organisation, before being lost to the sands of time only to re-emerging from its grave, in all its 90s glory, in a plush new tailored suit and tie, in 2015.

The collection also includes a remix of millennial banger Jaws by Serum and Coda, a tune that see the producers harness the gritty power of Swift’s ‘Where’s Jack The Ripper?’ style bassline in conjuction with a minimal 2-step drum beats a crafty use of space and subtlely that is reticent of a grimey rendition DBridge and EXIT’s autonomic sound.

DJ SUPPORT FROM – Andy C, Friction, Mista Jam, Roni Size and more.


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