The Prototypes – HYPERCUBE – DBHQ Review

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Label: Viper

Release: 23rd October 2015

Words: J Swif



This really has been the year of the Prototypes with the world standing up and taking note of the monumentally good City of Gold album released in May of this year which had stand out tracks Don’t let me go, Pale Blue Dot, Kill the Silence which featured Ayah, Pop it off , festival favourite Is It Love and my personal favourite from the LP, the album’s title track City of Gold. To be honest the whole album was epic and sure to go down in history as a classic.

To meet the immense demand for the Prototypes, following the albums release they went on a “City of Gold” tour of the globe to the delight of fans excited to see the duo of Chris Garvey and Nick White aka The Prototypes in action. Still not content, the Viper Recordings artists unleashed Neurons upon the world as a free download to finish of the summer.

Now they are back with Hypercube. With an intro that would be at home as part of a score from a sci-fi blockbuster reminiscent of Tron or maybe the theme tune from Terminator 2, whatever the case may be, the build up to the drop does not disappoint. As the syn-thy bass kicks in things go off accompanied by a naughty undertone of mammoth sub topped off with a instantly recognizable Prototype signature lead line. This one was made to demolish clubs in fine Viper Recordings style.



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