BREAK – Simpler Times LP

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Release: 9th October 2015



After months of anticipation and tease Break is ready to unveil his third studio album ‘Simpler Times’ through his very own Symmetry Recordings. Having already gained a mass of support for the first two singles ‘Simpler Times’ and ‘Free Your Mind’ ft. Singing Fats, the new LP follows suit with an array of the finest drum & bass displaying the studio sonics of one the most respected and revered producers in the game, Break.

A prolific producer but one who tends to let his music do most of the talking, all his trademark production intricacies are here. Finding his feet firmly outside of just his comfort zone though Charlie Break delivers even more of a soulful songwriting side making for an album of the most beautifully crafted, most defiantly deadly drum & bass for 2015.


Release date – 9th October 2015

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