Consouls – Preamble EP

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Release: 24th September 2015


Patrol The Skies Music is proud to announce the arrival of Consouls…

‘Artists like them are the reason why we started our label, it’s really fulfilling when an artist you believe in comes through with the type of output you can be proud of’
Al Seen.

From the first song “Dreamer Ft. Daniel Hunter Jones” which is an absolute dance floor smasher to the big festival vibes of “Lucid” to the harder techy sounds of “Night Terror” and the future Neuro vibes of “Psychosis Ft. J-Tec” this EP has a bit of something for all Drum and Bass heads.
There are many artists who come and go but Consouls are here to stay. This is by far the best American release all year. We hope you join the movement and pick this up as soon as it hits the digital shelves. Drum and Bass at its finest.






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