Krakota – Citadels EP

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Label: Hospital Records

Release: 2nd October 2015



Krakota has firmly stamped his mark within the drum & bass scene over the past few years, and since signing to Hospital Records last June has already brought two solitary singles to the table. Now for part three with the “Citadels” EP cultivating Krakota’s versatile style.

Known from Artful Dodger’s old-skool garage classic, “Please Don’t Turn Me On”, vocalist Lifford joins Krakota on the opening track “In The Area” – a garage inspired venture with bouncing drums and electric pulsations. Taking a turn, title track “Citadels” reflects the deeper and more contemplative reach of Krakota’s musical sphere with soft vocal textures washing over electrified bass lines and piercing percussion.

Step into a warped gamer’s warzone with “Crash Pads”, where cyber swerves and siren sound-bites are shaken up by distorted synths and brutalized bass lines. “Lazy Bones” splits light from dark with loosened hi-hats and whistling flute dropping into heavy vibrations and unrelenting drums.

It’s already been an exciting year for Krakota, drawing fans from his on-going residency at Kiss FM and stepping up with live mixes for BBC Radio 1Xtra in the 2015 Soundclash. He’s been busy travelling up and down the country selecting and spinning at Hospitality showcases including the internationally renowned Glastonbury festival with his tracks from the “Citadels” EP already going down a storm. The excitement looks to continue with his latest release, bringing a fresh and forward-thinking feel to the Autumn calendar.



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