KARMA – The Searching ft. Emmy J Mac

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Label: Shogun Audio

Release: 9th October 2015



With his music smashing in the sets of Friction, Andy C, Loadstar, SpectraSoul and more since 2013, Karma arrives at Shogun Audio HQ with his very first solo single release on the label. Having now signed exclusively with the label, this one’s sure to put him firmly on the map, marking his turf with two finely tuned cuts of peak time performance drum & bass from the silky overtones of ‘The Searching’ and the defiantly floor-driven, ‘Dance’.

“This is the first single I have released in over a year as I made a conscious decision to stop releasing music and start developing my sound, building a catalogue of new music. Signing with Shogun at the start of the year really gave me a huge boost and since then I feel like I’ve been on a roll as far as finishing new material. I’m really excited to see how my debut single is perceived, hope you enjoy!” Karma 2015

Release date – 9th October 2015


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