TOXIN- Serious Riddim/ Legacy

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Label: Mammoth Muzik

Cat No: MAM003

Artist: Toxin

Release Date: 21st September 2015



Fresh from releases on Neutronic Beats and Emotif Recordings, Toxin returns to Mammoth Muzik with two slices of drum and bass craziness!

First up we have Serious Riddim. The intro features hypnotic, rhythmic synths that build up to a drop of crisp shuffling beats, which drive the twisted, futuristic bass-lines. This is a serious riddim as the robotic sample lets you know, and is sure to get you shaking on the dance floor!

Legacy has an epic intro sampled from a blockbuster movie, and this tune is also a blockbuster! The beats are hard and driving and the bass-line is both filthy and catchy at the same time. This is a bouncy number which showcases Toxins love of drum and bass for the dancefloor!


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