5 Years Of Forbidden Society Recordings Compilation

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Forbidden Society Recordings is celebrating its fifth birthday! A lot of crisp drum & bass from a variety of producers came out on the label in these five years. Forbidden Society was then faced with a difficult task: to pick the best out of that pile of music – 20 tracks that would do the best job of showing off what Forbidden Society Recordings has to offer.


Energetic drums, heavy basslines and a dark atmosphere that permeates through the output of FSRECS from its metal roots all the way to its current neuro-influenced sound – those are things that all tracks from this collection have in common. Among them, you will find gems from names such as Audio, Current Value, Donny, Counterstrike, Hallucinator or Katharsys as well as one special, never before released track: Cobra VIP!


Simply put, these are the thirty most powerful weapons from FSRECS’ arsenal, and they shouldn’t be missing from your personal armory either. The price of the compilation is up to you – you can download it for free or buy it, if you want to support the label and help make sure that this fountain of fresh drum & bass never dries up.

Downloable formats : MP3 (320), Wav, Aiff, Flac, AAC, Alac, Ogg Vorbis

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