CJ Weaver – Flood EP

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CJ Weaver’s Translation debut, the Flood EP, is a six-track exploration of deep and elemental soundscapes orbiting 85-170 BPM. What really sets CJ apart from the pack is his ability to compose immersive soundscapes with a live and organic feel to them. Quixotically titled opener Android Dice Clay is an easy-going futuristic groove that cruises along to 8-bit synths, horn riffs, and syncopated 808 drums. Soothing pads begin the descent into deeper territory on Bengt, where shimmering FX and shuffling rhythmics give off cavernous reverberations, dissipating softly into the twinkling keys of the EP’s soothing, minimal interlude, 3-17-15.

Act two begins with the thundering sounds of Forest Music, a terrestrial, half-tempo amalgamation of tribal drums and bass-weight. Scrolls brings the calm after the storm, opening with the ambiance of empty, pre-dawn streets and majestic choir synths. Despite its name, the calm atmospherics and gentle downtempo sway of EP title-track, Flood, offer a fitting close to the sonic expedition. The Bandcamp version includes the epilogue

CJ Weaver
Flood EP
1. Android Dice Clay 2. Bengt
3. 3-17-15
4. Forest Music
5. Scrolls 6. Flood
7. Undertow*
8. Abyss*
9. Flash Freeze* 10. Raindrops*
(* = Bandcamp Version)
Cat #: TRNSLDIGI030 Format: Digital Release Dates:
• 5 October, 2015 – Bandcamp
• 12 October, 2015 – Beatport, iTunes, Juno, etc.



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