Quadrant, Iris and Kid Hops – 206 LP

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Quadrant, Kid Hops and Iris reveal their new album, 206, coming out on Klute’s label Commercial Suicide in October 2015.

Hailing from a small village in the north west of the Unites States called Seattle, Leigh & Karen Caplan – (Quadrant & Iris), made intimate friends with longtime local hero Kyle Hopkins – (Kid Hops) and before long their late night antics became ones of a musical nature.


Quadrant is a long time producer & DJ of D&B with releases on Dispatch, C.I.A., Renegade Hardware, Citrus. His skill set centres around his technical and musical abilities and can program a mean code.

Kid Hops is a long standing Seattle radio & Club DJ respected worldwide with 2 radio shows on Seattle’s KEXP station. He was among the first to bring pr493_793794291-18y23yc6xrrpct7the D&B sound to the city.
His expertise centres around his deep knowledge of reggae, hip hop, D&B and all dance music culture. He brings the samples, ideas and the knowledge.

Iris is the relative newcomer of the crew but already making waves with her DJing & production skills.
She brings the funk, soul and beauty along side a healthy dose of dirty nasty riffage.

Commercial Suicide – Suicide086
Released 18th September 2015
vinyl & digital:

A. Angular
B1. Wirecutter (feat Cease)
B2. Eternal September (ft. Collette Warren)

Full LP:
Commercial Suicide – Suicidelp017
Released 16th October 2015
2 x 12” vinyl w/ download & digital:
1. Angular
2. Seasick
3. 206
4. Eternal September feat. Collette Warren
5. Occidental
6. Definition
7. Orca
8. Asthma
9. Wirecutter feat. Cease
10. Dark Star
11. The Only Way Out Is Through feat. Klute
12. Pleiades feat. Reise
13. Black Opal feat. Kayle

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