SUB KILLAZ – Liondub Street Series Vol 12 – Big Up

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Label: Liondub International


sub killazSan Diego’s Sub Killaz fire out Jump Up heat and quickly batter down gates on the 12th Volume of Liondub’s Street Series. ‘Big Up’ smacks hard drums and devious hits with vocal stabs and hectic sample layers. ‘Frost’ sequences icy atmospheres, sharp stabs and a circling sub-bass that bangs properly. ‘In For the Kill’ is laced with synth and sample carnage and a monstrous sine leaving an evidence trail. ‘Reefer’ is high on power, with swinging perc, solid drums, brass stabs and brutal synth and sub drops. Sub Killaz reach worldwide with hard hitting, energetic, and edgy production, repping strong for the stateside D&B and Jungle heads.

Early Support from Turno, Filthy Habits, Devious D, Kenji & Fineprint.


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