Audio – Shatterdome / 2 Stroke

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Label: Ram Records



Since the beginning of his career, the name Audio has been a synonym for unmatched power and a colossal presence within the drum & bass community. Competition have crumbled beneath his output, with the producer quickly becoming revered for not only his sound, but for the dark, thematic energy he brought to every live set across the globe. Whether it’s causing bass-lead devastation at renowned festivals, like the Czech Republic’s Let it Roll, or the darkest corner of notorious London hotspots, there’s no denying one of the genre’s most profound overlords.

And following the monumental success of his ‘Nil By Mouth’ EP, which saw him rise to an even more prominent position across the cyber world (amassing thousands of streams within days, despite being uploaded onto a brand new Soundcloud account), Audio is making a welcomed return.

‘Shatterdome’ is stocky, imposing and forcibly holds you in its grasp. One of the most sought after, climatic anthems since it was first premiered within one of his infamous live shows and rinsed from Ibiza to the US by Andy C, ‘Shatterdome’ manipulates cinematic samples and pushes you into an apocalyptic soundscape. Quaking with every drum roll, it’s a techy thumper which propels you through on steroids. A fresh cut elaborating on the producer’s impeccable standards, this single is undeniably fierce.

Just as intimidating is the double AA side ‘2 Stroke’. A pounding riddim underpinned by a bassline that reverberates through, it’s gradually built upon with a clanking cowbell before breaking into a synth like structure. Demonstrating a complexity which bares its teeth, whilst being indisputably intricate, Audio presents a flipside worthy of its predecessor.


So once again, it’s time for Audio to lay siege on your aural synapses; no other individual does it like the underground overlord.


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