Calyx & TeeBee – Where We Go / Ghostwriter

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With a combined history that expands over decades, Calyx & TeeBee’s discography is a journey which explores not only their own output, but the genre’s history. Having remixed commercial heavyweights such as Example, as well as underground tastemaker Tchami whilst blending genres and paying homage to their extensive craft, their experience is rivalled by none.

And yet again they continue their assault and return onto the scene with one of the most sought after tracks since its first play last year. Featuring the dancefloor genre talents of Doctor, who’s recently smashed his way onto the daytime radio airwaves, ‘Where We Go’ is a collaboration set to end the summer in spectacular style.



An impressively innovative sonic piece of artwork, ‘Where We Go’ signifies another step towards the hugely anticipated ‘1X1’ LP. Crafting Doctor’s party-style vocals on top of an LFO-lead bassline and pounding drum patterns the first drop plummets you down a chasm so intricately constructed there’s no mistaking the duo’s signature production standard. One of the most epitomical moments from this year’s EDC, especially for representing drum & bass, there’s no mistaking the collective sigh of relief that it’s finally about to be unleashed.

Showcasing their impressive versatility, the flipside is just as impressive but a shade darker. ‘Ghost Writer’ utilises an imposing sample which sets up a break before smashing it down with pounding subs between a distorted bassline and elevated percussion. An early morning anthem which takes you in the murkiest corner of every club across the globe, it bares its teeth whilst propelling itself forward in a way which only Calyx & TeeBee can command.

So, here’s to another single before the duo yet again flex their production muscle across the worldwide electronic charts. With the last few singles in tow, as well as this imposing next release, ‘1X1’ is looking to assert itself as one of the most resounding LP’s in the Ram imprints history.



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