SHOGUN AUDIO- Point Of Origin Vol. 1

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Release: 11th September 2015

Shogun Audio is a brand synonymous with the very best in drum & bass music; 10 years down the line it has become home to many of the world’s most exciting electronic artists including Friction, Icicle, Rockwell, Technimatic, Joe Ford, Spectrasoul, Alix Perez and more.



Always with an eye on the future, Shogun Audio now present the first in an all-new series to showcase the rising stars of drum & bass from across the musical horizon. ‘Point Of Origin Vol.1’ features 13 tracks from some of the most exciting new producers plucked from the plethora of brand new music received at Shogun HQ every day, providing a springboard for the likes of Posij, Coleco, Karma and Voltage as well as more familiar artists Ed:it, Liz-E, Need For Mirrors and more. An album spanning from ferocious big room beats to sultry summertime rollers, ‘Point Of Origin Vol. 1’ may well contain some of the Shogun Audio stars of tomorrow.

1. Ed:it – Centre Suite (Vinyl)
2. Posij – Shieldbreaker (Vinyl)
3. Karma – Saturation Point (Vinyl)
4. Need For Mirrors – Nevertheless ft. Steo
5. Voltage – Suspicious
6. Liz-E – My Heart ft Lauren Archer
7. Zero-T – One For Me (Vinyl)
8. Paul SG & Soultec – Wishful Thinking
9. Karma – Sleepless Nights
10. Simplificaton & Translate – Desire
11. Safire – Chance For Change
12. Nickbee – Elysium
13. Coleco – Raveworx

Release date – 11th September 2015



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