TREi – Top 5 most influential tracks

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Today we have a special feature for all you Trei fans out there. We asked the Viper Recordings artists for his 5 most influential tracks that have inspired him to become the one man production powerhouse that he is today. Without further ado here’s the lowdown.



I’m abit of a ‘rock guy’, so alot of my musical influences are bands like Faith No More, QOTSA, Deftones, Tool, Soundgarden etc. Nine Inch Nails was a band that really opened my eyes to electronica with their hybrid sound and pure energy. I listen to their albums all the time, both musically and sonically; they’re a big influence for me still.

THE PRODIGY – Skylined

Music for the Jilted Generation; what an album! It really cemented Electronic Music for me. Skylined; the pads in this are epic! The musical flow and progression is brilliant. Such an ethereal vibe and the percussion work is straight up badass!

CHEMICAL BROTHERS – Block Rockin Beats

That bass guitar riff grabbed me instantly, the beats are so live as well. THEN it drops! So big in the vibe department! That whole album is incredible and really tweaked my interest in broken beats and dance music in general

RONI SIZE & REPREZENT – Share the Fall

New Forms was an absolute game changer for me. A timeless album that i still listen to regularly. Share the Fall is one that really stood out for me; it ooozes soul and the groove is infectious.

TOOL – 46 & 2

Not electronic, but an incredible influence on how i feel and ingest music to this day. ‘The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts’ with these guys. To me, they define ‘Vibe’, and this track is a great example of that; dynamics, intertwining melodies and rhythms that together create something truly unique and powerful.

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