Microsoft’s Clippy is back for Delta Heavy’s Brand New Music Video

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The official video for Delta Heavy’s brand new single ‘Ghost’ is available to stream now – one of their best visual masterpieces to date, it’s another animation which features renowned 90’s icons and a dimension many of us are almost too familiar with…




Directed by Chris Bristow, the same artist behind last year’s stop animation for ‘Reborn’, prepare yet again to immerse yourself in the world of Delta Heavy.



Delta Heavy have yet again proved their unbreakable work ethic by crafting this next single with absolute precision. On top of a transatlantic tour, which saw them begin the year by playing sets from coast to coast across the US, as well as touring throughout Australia, they’ve returned after the monumental success of ‘Reborn’ and a host of remixes for dance music’s biggest names.


‘Ghost’ and double a-side ‘Tremors’ demonstrate a multi-dimensional approach to music making, juxtaposed in a way that pedestals the artists’ vast spectrum of musicality.


The duo also flex their A&R skills, employing a host of artists to redevelop their already stellar-production. Both Zomboy and Infuze, hand-picked by the producers, use their calibre and pay homage to ‘Ghost’ whilst twisting it into two slabs of bass which are almost unrecognisable.


‘Ghost’ epitomises the standards set by Eton’s biggest bass outlet. Slowly building vocals relay against a colossal break, which ebbs and then cascades into peddled drum beats and elevating synth patterns. With vocal crescendos then dipping you into half-time, it’s impossible not to see this record exploding the stage at any festival across the globe.



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