Chopstick Dubplate Tonight EP

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Release: 3rd August 2015

Live! From London, the heart of the concrete jungle, broadcasting to the whole world wide, it’s ‘Tonight’ Starring Chopstick Dubplate! We invite you to join your hosts Aries, Tuffist, Jacky Murda and their guests Cheshire Cat, Mr Williamz, Nanci Correia, Daddy Freddy and Eccleton Jarret, for a rollercoaster night of musical entertainment.

Feel the excitement of whats it’s like to meet someone for the first time. From memory lane take a trip down to Heartbreak Lane. Walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death. Bare witness to the Phenomenon of it all, as you watch the junglist crew Turn Up The Heat! Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls, all Junglists & Junglettes.. Presenting.. ‘Tonight’!

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