Tantrum Desire – Diversified Album Mini Mix

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Let’s not beat around the bush. Anyone who knows anything knows that this album is going to be big. It’s absolutely clear Jay and Dev have put the graft in over the last decade to claim and maintain their D&B-elite status. For one thing, production mastermind Jay has put in the studio hours to hone that distinctive, arena-sized Tantrum Desire sound. And, as DJs, they’ve proven their ability to take that sound into the real world and make it connect with the biggest crowds bass-heavy music has to offer. There are a handful of acts that can simultaneously kill it in the underground and the mainstream, and we’re about to find out why Tantrum Desire is one of them.


So, time to break this down.



Obviously, this album contains more than its fair share of show stopping anthems. “Oblivion”, for example, seduces us with the uplifting innocence of Solah’s vocal style, before moving the sound effortlessly from naïve purity to gritty toughness. This, all woven together with stomping bass, jungle drum fills and a stripped-back piano-led breakdown, means that it’s going to connect with listeners’ emotions as much as ravers’ dancing shoes. Some tunes, like the Laura Bayston-laced “Underground” and the syncopated madness of “Genesis”, have already been making waves for a while among those who keep their finger on the pulse. And the aggressively percussive US-influenced “Pump” is currently a key weapon of choice among DJs when it’s time to turn up the hype levels.


Then there are a couple of almighty supergroup collaborations. For one, Drumsound and Bassline Smith join the party on “I Need You Here”. This takes the big-room build-up to Empire State proportions. Gentle synths build to a soaring sing-along vocal hook, which in turn give way to huge polyphonic chords. Then the drop is a virtuoso display of drum programming, with a heavy bed of half-speed kicks and snares supporting subtly-switched up samples. But then just when you think you’ve reached the limit of what the track has to offer, there’s a breakdown and another build into a full-speed, full-power drop that’s going to hit like a tactical nuke in any rave. Matrix and Futurebound pass through too, to bless “The Shadows” with their skills. Elegant harmonies melt into a sinister dialogue sample and the dark funk of a pizzicato riff in the low registers. The track builds into straight up modernist techstep, taking the classic paradigm and applying contemporary sensibilities of energy control.



But this album isn’t all about the big ticket items. It’s not just a collection of singles, but a cohesive vision, a journey mapped by a pair of DJs and producers immersed in the music. This is made clear right from the beginning, with the drumless title track setting out the template of movement between vibes and styles. Delving deep, there’s “Goddess of Love”, with its unapologetically constant level of tension, reiterated and reinforced by ever-changing sample-manipulation. And there’s “Back for Love”, featuring Julie Gordon and Smokesta, an almost lo-fi excursion, which takes tropes from trip-hop and the Bristol Sound to create something that’s sure to strike a chord with old skool junglists.


Let’s be clear, though. These are just some of the things “Diversified” has to offer. There are sixteen tracks here which, together, crystallise the multiple, complex layers of Tantrum Desire’s take on bass-led electronic dance music in 2015. The joy for DJs, ravers and listeners alike is going to be discovering those layers for themselves. So go discover


Tantrum Desire Biog

A south east London based duo, Jay Faleye (Producer / DJ) and Devin Smith (DJ) who go under the name Tantrum Desire, met in 2004 at a small pirate radio station through the love of drum & bass music. Before that time these two individuals had portfolios in their chosen fields, which were producing and DJ’ing. The two clicked with the same passion, interest and destiny, which was to break into the drum & bass scene.


In 2005, a bunch of TD tracks on a load of CD’s was passed out in Spain at a big drum & bass event. This then attracted Nu-Breed’s – MC Shortston, who received a copy of the track collection and saw a spark in the production. This gave him some ideas and business plans to start up a new label called ‘Heavyweight Records’. This was the new home label for the boys, which released tracks such as, The Red Pill, Dreamscape EP, The Inner moon and White. Tantrum Desire also had bootleg projects lying around in the lab, which gave Shortston another idea to accompany Heavyweight with a bootleg label named “Booty”. This brought you releases such as, ‘Transformers’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘drop it like its hot’ and ‘Can’t stop’.


In early 2008, Tantrum Desire had a fan base which was only getting bigger, and the sound was getting a lot of word of mouth, until the duo caught the ear of Simon ‘Bassline Smith’, who saw the variety of styles in the productions and therefore became interested. This led to him signing TD to the well established – Technique Recordings. Straight away, Technique released Tantrum Desire’s debut 12” – ‘Xenomorph’ & the ‘Last stand’, which was presented on BBC Radio 1 by the likes of Zane Lowe. From this, then set the trademark in the scene for the sound of big baseline synths and immense intro’s. At the early stages, TD gained support from the likes of Fabio & Grooverider, Pendulum, Sub Focus, Drumsound & Basslinesmith, DJ Fresh, Matrix & Futurebound, Jaguar Skills plus more.





In the music scene today, the Londoners are best known for the worldwide anthem – ‘Reach’, which was released on Technique in late 2011, This included a 2nd mix with the tempo of Dubstep . Both mixes instantly boosted their career over night, hitting over a million views on YouTube channels such as UKF, becoming one of the most rotated singles on the scene, grabbing the Number #1 spots in the Top 100 charts at Beatport, D&B Arena, and entering into the iTunes dance chart. With support from Annie Mac, Benga & Skream and Mistajam. The word spread by being featured in highly ranked magazines like DJMag, ATM and Mixmag. From the success of the ‘Reach’, it was then decided, a VIP was in order. This was then released 6 months later which included a Reach Dubstep teaser, radio edit and the huge ‘Get with it’ that featured on the UKF Bass Culture Album. This was another track that was highly supported and became a must play Anthem tune in DJ sets. Not to mention TV and Radio presenter Fearnne Cotton who took a liking and gave its first daytime airplay on BBC Radio 1. Aside releasing singles, TD have also built a history in high demand remixes for a range of Artists, mentioning Laidback Luke, The Wanted, Rusko, Wideboys, Utah Saints, the list goes on.

In this present day, the next move is a Tantrum Desire LP, which is due to drop in the early summer of 2015. TD has become an exciting production outfit and is open minded when it comes to music, be prepared for the unexpected.


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