Ed Rush presents: Piranha Pool 002 – SIGNS

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Ed Rush’s very own imprint Piranha Pool is ready to drop its next massive release, Clockout/Acid Test from French three-piece Signs. Signs have been making major moves of late, and of course you can expect only the biggest and best music from a label from someone like Ed Rush.

Already receiving support from the likes of Mefjus, Emperor and others, the tunes on the release fit in perfectly with what Piranha Pool are all about – aggressive, upfront, futuristic-sounding music. Ed has set the label up as a platform to nurture new talent which deserves to be heard. Prepare yourself for Clockout and Acid Test.


Clockout is simply huge. The track builds up ominously, evil rising from its very core. Feel the strength and power come over you, synths filling your ears as you wait for the drums which are inevitably going to drop. Weird samples then enter the scene, before filtered switchbacks lead to the main beat. Electronic, low-slung and menacing, Signs turn things on with the addictive drum work on Clockout. The bass is by no means left out either, resulting in one hell of a dancefloor workout. This one’ll attack your brain, all the while moving your feet. Slowing things down only to build them back up, Signs are on to a winner here.


Acid Test, meanwhile, shakes things up on a whole other level. Coming straight at you, the impact of this one is in the beats and the maddening melody. Building straight up into a drop, Acid Test will shake the rig at any rave. Skanking, headnodding kicks attack, with sliding effects coming out over the top. Snarling, malevolent bass completes the picture, as Signs once again prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. Dive right in, and take the Acid Test.

Just what you’ve been waiting for from Piranha Pool, Clockout/Acid Test is the future of the funk.



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