Jamie Irie & Blackout Ja – Sound Murderer!

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Release worldwide 20th July- Buy from Amazon

Jamie Irie & Blackout Ja continues their assault on both the roots reggae and jungle drum & bass worlds with a new single on his own imprint. The huge Sound Murderer (SAYSELL009) is Jamie’s latest release, and sees him team up with both Blackout JA and regular collaborators House of Riddim. Alongside the original lick, the single also contains two major remixes, from Aries and Mr System Shock himself, Callide.



Jamie’s musical successes have seen him make appearances throughout the world, touring Europe with both Aswad and Misty In Roots and top d&b producers, and his work has been voiced by IDavid and Daddy Freddy. Now, get ready for Sound Murderer.



The original is a classic call-to-arms, with Jamie and Blackout dueting vocal duties, explaining how much they run the dance. Irie has always been about destroying the opposition, and this will continue with the new single. Jamie’s voice is as melodious and powerful as ever, fitting in perfectly with Blackout’s gruffer delivery. Selectors will be reaching for this one immediately, and the crowds will love the track from the first drop right till the end.

The remixes both add a lot to the tune, with Aries adding a swinging, skanking beat which perfectly fits the feel of the track. He builds the sound up nicely, adding reverb and echo to proceedings, allowing the music to retain its identity but still putting his stamp on Sound Murderer. Feel the breaks, feel the voices and feel the vibe. Callide meanwhile digs deeper, emphasising the dubby low end of the original. There are lots of layers to this remix, with Callide adding melody lines and ravey sounds, before unleashing some big and bashy drums and electric basslines. He bri ngs the track to the dancefloor, and his version will leave the crowds reaching for the skies and the DJ reaching for the rewind.

Jamie Irie and Saysell Music are Sound Murderers. Get involved now.

Release worldwide 20th July- Buy from Amazon

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