ICICLE – Entropy Remixed

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Label: Shogun Audio

Release date:
28th June 2015 (Beatport)
29th June 2015 (Vinyl)
12th July 2015 (Worldwide)

As the summer months ensue and Icicle rolls through the groundbreaking Entropy live European tour, the dutch master returns to present the follow up to his critically acclaimed sophomore album of late last year, ‘Entropy’. The Entropy Remix EP project draws on the talents of some of Icicle’s favourite producers to bring their own take on music from the album and due to popular demand we have also included Phace’s deadly remix of ‘Dreadnaught’ in the package – another essential addition to the Shogun Audio artillery.




“My Entropy remix EP consists of five reworks of a selection of my most well known album tunes by some of my favourite producers of the moment. I’m very happy with the way it turned out and especially the diversity of the EP. I’ve found myself playing all the tracks in clubs regularly and they all work well in their own right. From the tech precision of Phace’s remix of ‘Dreadnaught’ and the old school vibes of Ulterior Motive’s refix on ‘Will You be Mine’, to the weight of BSE’s version of ‘The Edge’, the very original take that Joe Ford took of ‘Neutralise’, and the half time technical madness of Proxima’s reshaped ‘Isolation’ they all get me every time. To coin a phrase, I couldn’t have done any better myself… “ Icicle 2015

(1) Dreadnaught (Phace Rmx)
(2) Neutralize (Joe Ford Rmx)
(3) The Edge (Black Sun Empire Rmx)
(4) Will You Be Mine (Ulterior Motive Rmx)
5) Isolation (Proxima Rmx) (Digital Exclusive)


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