Rhythm Beater – Paranoia/ Roadman

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Label: Mammoth Muzik

CAT Number: MAM002

Artist: Rhythm Beater

Release Date: 06/04/2015



Mammoth Muzik are back with their second release, and this time they bring you two tracks by DnB stalwart Rhythm Beater! Having released on labels such as Playaz, V Recordings, and the label he helped establish Cutterz Choice, Rhythm Beater brings his trademark sound to Mammoth Muzik.



First up we have Paranoia, a slice of heavyweight darkness! The haunting intro is eerie and atmospheric, and gives way to a schizophrenic bass line that builds to a crescendo of pounding drums and sinister bass stabs. This one is sure to twist your mind to a delusional mess!



On the flip we have Roadman, a dance floor bubbler with an infectious baseline and rolling beats to take you on your drum and bass journey! Rhythm Beater does what he does best with these two dancefloor destroyers!





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