Prozac LP – Various Artists

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Featuring in-house remixes, originals, a VIP and 2 winners of their remix competition, They set out to create this album to show you that their intentions are to cause some damage to the Drum & Bass scene, and that their artists are of high quality and versatility. The remixes are of tracks you all know and love, but they couldn’t resist adding in some fresh material, to concrete the fact that this brand is consistent and here for the long haul.


Featured artists include; Exclusive New Zealand signing Matiflow, who made some serious noise with their debut release “Gutter Trash/Spit”, with support from Radio 1s Friction and RAM juggernauts June Miller to name a few. New Signing Raw Signal with their Dancefloor style. Not forgetting X-Tortion, who has had support from the likes of Mampi Swift with his first release for Serotone, and of course Serotone veterans Threts, Bangta Rights and Serotone’s Slovakian counterparts Ero Drummer & M.Bass.

Expect more from Serotone Recordings in 2015! With a team like this, there is only one-way to go for them.

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