Blackley Innovation In The Sun Mix 2015

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Ahead of his set at Innovation in the Sun, Blackley shares a brand new mix and one of his Innovation In The Sun memories with us.



One of the best days of my life was at Innovation In The Sun. I was walking down Lloret De Mar and a raver came up to me with a spare boat party ticket for Harry Shotta’s boat party. I quickly went and grabbed my tunes on USB as all upcoming DJ’s do (thinking I’d take any opportunity I would get to play) when I got on the boat Harry Shotta came up to me and asked if I had my tunes, which I replied yes and I ended up doing a set with Shotta, Eksman & Skibbadee all mc’in, which was a dream come true for myself. So yea, it was kind of something you would of seen out of a movie. Last thing I expected to be doing two hours before walking down the street lol!

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