LOGGI – Where’s The Love Gone EP

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Label: Emotif

Release: 1st June 2015

iTunes: Where’s the Love Gone EP – Loggi

To coincide with Emotif’s 20th anniversary year we are proud to present ‘Where’s The Love Gone’ EP, the lead single to the forthcoming album “Back To The Jungle”, produced by Loggi back in 1995 for Emotif’s parent jungle label, SOUR.

Let us explain….
SOUR released ‘I Don’t Mind’ featuring Elisabeth Troy and ‘Loggi’s Life’ featuring Viveen Wray as a single and four other tracks appeared on various SOUR compilations worldwide including SOUR Cream, Junglism, Jungle Fever and the legendary Jungle Mania compilations, before the album was licensed to London Records for a tidy sum. London Records then sent Viveen and Loggi into the deepest darkest depth of the music industry jungle and till this day never released any of the music. So, many blue moons later, Loggi managed to find the Bongo Natty river and made his escape back to reality to tell the tale.


Recently he went back on a daring mission to rescue Viveen and the masters. Amen.
p.s. the track names have been slightly adjusted to keep the hunting dogs off the scent…

This five track EP begins with two original tracks from the LP and includes three remixes from Hospital Records’ newest signing Lynx, the mighty Ray Keith and an original slice of jungle history with 1995’s Deependance Remix.

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