RICH RAW Solaris / Lazer Disco

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Label: Wyatt Noise

Release: 15th June 2015


Following hot on the heels of Rich Raw’s ‘Souled Out’ earlier in the year comes another two tracks of hard hitting drum & bass with both summer sundown home listening and full-on dance floor fuel for the fire in mind.

The clue’s in the name on ‘Solaris’ which opens with rich strings and ethereal pads that give way to a beautiful Balearic breakdown. Guitar, sax, keys and the all important vox combine and sit us nicely outside Café Del Mar for hazy pre-club beers….until the second drop where we’re treated to a little more bounce by the ounce.

Moving inside the club and Rich Raw locks the doors and puts his foot down as the sounds of ‘Lazer Disco’ signal it’s time to go no-nonsense, heads down towards the dance floor. A tech-infused killer that’s been hammering the Wyatt Noise label nights of late.

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