Urbandawn – Neon Nights

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Label: Hospital

Release: 26th May 2015

Available from Amazon & iTunes

Shining the spotlight bright on newest signing, Brazilian-born Urbandawn with his Hospital debut single, ‘Neon Nights’. Giving a glimpse of the infectious bass lines and euphonic notes that are inevitably on their way from this talented producer.

From a calm opening to a fanfare of musical spirals, ‘Neon Nights’ explores through a range of tempos and melodic sequences to create a track perfectly fitted for festival fantasia. Going hand in hand is rightly titled, B-side ‘Spectrum’. Combining a glimmering succession of chords with swirling synthesized sounds that inspire a vision of light and colour – happily harmonising with the signature Hospital sound.



Urbandawn has previously impressed with his polished production on several Hospital and Med School compilations, as well as releasing a successful string of tracks on Fokuz and Bad Taste Recordings.

With a musical career already spanning across fourteen years it’s fair to say Urbandawn has more than earned his place on the Hospital roster; not to mention his classically trained background and audio engineering training thrown in the mix. ‘Neon Nights’ sets the precedent for the glowing future that’s sure to come for Urbandawn.

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