Kursiva ft. Jahba & Clasiko – High Vibes

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Release: 27th April 2015

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After a slight hiatus the Run Tingz Cru are pleased to be back and extremely proud to present the latest addition to the Run Tingz Familia, Kursiva.

The Spanish producer has already been making waves in his home country and is sure to break further into the international scene over the next couple of years. The track features Runtingz trademark Reggae influences, some seriously heavyweight bass work and a fusion of English and Spanish vocals that highlight the talents of Jahba & Clasiko. The original mix, outstanding in it’s own right, is complimented by a stripped down DnB remix from Terrahawk (Bristol) which is perfect for the MC friendly DJ’s amongst us.



The Run Tingz Cru are about to enter their most active period since the beginning of 2013 which some of you will remember as fruitful to say the least.

Run Tingz Recordings 010 is going under the knife as we speak and features the Serial Killaz and Run Tingz remix of the mighty Dreadlock (Future Prophecies / Breakbeat Kaos) so keep your eye peeled for that. They have also got Run Tingz Originals 2 & 3 in the pipe line, more tracks from their DopeTingz (Dope Ammo & Run Tingz) co-lab as well as some amazing work from J.Man, Frisk, Gold, Blackout J.A, Topcat and a number of other Run Tingz favourites.

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