Dextone’s Top 5 DnB Tracks of 2015

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We caught up with Dextone to give you his top five DnB tracks of 2015 so far, enjoy!

  1. Spor – The hole where your house was.


A massive one from Spor which pretty much showcases his Drum & Bass production abilities in 1 huge track!


  1. Dimension – Whip Slap


This track goes off everytime it gets played. That bassline is just huge!


  1. Maduk  – How could you


Great track from Maduk, always have this on in the gym – definitely raises the energy levels. Wicked vocals and sound design from start to finish.


  1. Hamilton – Feel The Fury


The build up on this one is nuts, then drops into a proper Dancefloor Smasher!


  1. Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Reptilians


This reminds me of the old Noisia with those crazy twisted up Basslines and those simple but powerful drums!

Dextone’s Septic Tank/ Don’t Need You is out now on Easy records


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