Demon Cleaner – Spirit Animals LP

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Release: 4th May 2015

Label: Ekstre Records

Available from: iTunes


DEMON CLEANER, the drum & bass alter ego of the LA producer Heavenly Father at last surfaces from the darkness into the light with his album “Spirit Animals”. Offering an array of techy, intelligent and psychedelic dnb with experimental glitched-out organic soundscapes the LP shares the guidance of a shamanic journeymen. “Spirit Animals” will guide the wandering spirit to the trail of self exploration with a harmonious flow perfect for outdoor festival settings, desert adventures or private indulgences. There are also two halftime tracks that switch up the pace from the majority of the album’s drum & bass formula. Demon Cleaner’s signature west coast style stands out from the rest of the dnb out today setting the next bar for what “today’s standard” is to be.




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