Fierce – Beautifully Crafted Mix 2015

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dj_fierce_dnbFierce has recorded an exclusive mix for Beautifully Crafted to give you a little taster of what is yet to come!
Great Selection and Mixing, a fucking journey!


Code of Practice – Can We Change the Future (Sounds Of Life Remix)
Photek – The Water Margin
Bounty Killaz – Do It Now (Pulse Remix)
Octave One – Technology
Dillinja + Mystery – Deep Love (Remix)
Kim Mazelle – Genius (Dillinja Remix)
Splash – Babylon
Dillinja – You Don’t Know
Lemon D – I Can’t Stop
Dillinja – You (Unreleased)
Photek – Consciousness
Source Direct – The Crane
Dillinja – Heavenly Bass
The Sentinel – Heavy Vibes
Trace – Final Chapter
J Majik – Your Sound
Photek – Complex
Crystl – Let It Roll
Source Direct – Secret Liaison
Photek – Rings Around Saturn


Stakka & K TEE – Living for the Night
Sounds of Life – Currents (Remix)
Studio Pressure – First Sequence VIP (Unreleased)
Intense – Prophecy
Trace – Lost Entity (Remix)
System Ex – Version
Dillinja – Jah Know Ya Big
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – River Nijer (Nookie Remix)
Dillinja – Heavyweight Vol.2
Suburban Knights – State of Art
Sounds of Life – Intellect
Photek – Say It (Unreleased)
Funki Porcini – King Ashabanapal (Dillinja Remix)
N.G.O – Windermere (Lemon D Twisted Mix)
Doc Scott – It’s Yours
J Majik – Your Sound (Photek & Digital VIP) (Unreleased)
Studio Pressure – Presha III
Crystl – Warpdrive
Aquarius – Drift to the Centre
Fokus – Brave New World




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