Naiive ft. Emmy Cath – From The Shadows / Reaching Out

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TB019After his truly explosive debut, Naiive is back in the Terabyte catalogue; and once again he’s bringing the heat. The A-side, ‘From The Shadows’ combines beautiful pad work, and sublime vocals from Emmy Cath with an evil bassline, making for an awesome cocktail of styles. The drums switch effortlessly between rolling and halftime in a truly unique way. The tossing and turning between gully roller and liquid beauty sits perfectly, as the track takes you on a journey through sound. This is a really musical piece of drum & bass that will fit into any set anywhere. 

The B-side, ‘Reaching Out’, begins with an ominous atmosphere with metallic percussive work, leading the listener down a strange path towards a very Exit-esque, half-time cacophony of majestic sonics. Scattered breaks and Emmy’s background vocals only add to the perfect blend, and the rolling drums on top make for one hell of a track.

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