Dextone Don’t Need You / Septic Tank

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Label: Easy Records

Available from iTunes

Like many of us, Dextone’s aspiration started at an early age. Whilst growing up on the outskirts of Guildford; Dextone was playing the guitar by the age of 10, which led fluidly to playing in local bands in his late teens. It wasn’t until this stage that the Drum & Bass bug caught him. Inspired by this new found sound, turntables were brought to master the art of DJing. The natural progression led him to Ableton, and mastering the studio to create the explosive music he’s known for today.


It’s only early days for this rising star yet he’s already worked with some of the scenes finest; DJ Phantasy, Harry Shotta and Hardcore legend DJ Breeze. With releases on Viper Recordings, AATW (Universal), Easy Records, DCUK plus future releases in the pipeline plus he’s currently co-producing the ‘Harry Shotta Show’ album with DJ Phantasy which is a showcase of all different styles.


Dextone: One to watch.

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