Nicky Blackmarket – DBHQ 60 Second Interview

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Ahead of the event of the Summer, Innovation in the Sun, Nicky Blackmarket kicks some DnB Knowledge!

Q1-Give us one of your most memorable moments at a previous Innovation In The Sun:
Every year there’s something different going on. I remember one year join in the sea with MC Five-Alive and nearly getting pushed out to sea with the current!

Q2- Give us your Top 5 Innovation slammers

There’s tooooo many slammmmmers lol

Q4- Innovation In The Sun survival tips

Always have and drink plenty of water, and pace yourself with the drinking. Also don’t fall asleep on the beach AND GET BURNED!

Q5- Innovation Must See’s

There’s something for every 1 on every nite, weather u are coming for the weekend or the whole week. Defo one of the highlights is the water park party!!!

Nicky Blackmarket will be performing at Innovation in the Sun

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