BC#9 - Back Door


BC#9 - Back Door
BC#9 – Back Door

BC#9 has once again surprised me with a completely eclectic electronic album of several genres that nobody would one take the chance of mixing trap/hip hop/ and what not.

Right out of the gate shows his skills as a trap star with the title track Back Door. The beat is so solid and phat with sub bass crawling all over you, while the dancing synth plays with your head. The infectious erotic moans and breathing by the females voice being answered by ’s call backs consisting of uh huh and thats right tells its own story of back stage fun. The dramatic build up of the the strings and the pianos to the chorus remind me of the 1979 box office thriller phantasm angus scrim as the tall man. The chorus is commanded more than sung run through the back door leaves a haunting climax to the tracks aura.

Followed up by bad monday which debuted on the bbc in essex london grinds strait thru with that growling grinding bass and psychedelic hypnotic chords that echo and twist like gears you just can’t seem to find. Again the sexual moaning breathy females voice gasping for air between measures lending more to the imagination to create while taking in all of this sensory driven machine that wants you to push it to its limit. This track was built for driving fast without a doubt..next at 179 bpm comes 1-976 talk dirty feat. xtene 16) on vocals bcp,s baby girl lending her sexy pipes for this dope drum & bass track that takes you from the whip you were driving in bad monday to the club to the seduction of sorts in this sexy play on digital and analog dirty tale of seduction through the power of drum & bass. I love the line in the lyrics “i’ll bang you like an 808 all night long” classic dope d& b seduction at its best.

Then we are taken to a hip hop track that feat. medievol guillotine on vocals. This classic r&b influenced modern day hip hop track tells the story of the trinidad native medevieol guillitone selling his soul piece by piece to make someone else whole and calls them out in the lyrics leading to the chorus ( a psychopath, singing baby you are my sunshine
i know my punchlines would be scarin you sometimes, but oh apparently i would be accused at times
of spewing too much hate , but nobody is in mind, see im a hurt fellow till am numb with a cold vibe
you wanna judge me?..well you’re welcome its your style..i care like the klan with a black child.) honest with an aching emotional cry to be considered and herd. hip hop lives.

Late nite urban poets is a prime example of how you could compare this track to the my favorite beat poets of the 50&60’s jack kerouac . jack could read an excerpt from on the road while steve allen played piano and that was an earl form of def poetry/ hip hop for the era and times it served. late nite urban poet celebrates that style with a classic approach and modern day sound great beat with that phat 70’s style bass line and those glowing harmonic undertones giving its foundation that sweet house sounding free flow layering of sound onto that in the pocket classic beat setting the stage for the story telling that is what we call today “urban beat poetry”..
brian r. on vocals tells his real life story of living and grinding in the 717 outside phili. His rhymes are emotional, moving and prolific.heres an exert:

i carry my load
but in the break city
the real slum city
that’s where we come to find the truth
the truth between the has and the has nots
but like, ever since hip hop went from selling crack to smoking it
medicine for loneliness
like the money is the (business??) brian goes on to talk about escaping that zip code like any of us who are born in the projects. the only project is to get out of the projects when your born there. sometime a form of escape is to write about it that often leaves one with cathartic experience.there are other forms also like the one described again from this lyric:but i’d rather be going ‘cross the bay
over to the wood in the robin hood
with me and maryann
that’s where we can just hit on the leaves that grows on the (lands bread??) trees
up in the hills of wonderland.
laying low on the (rest?) stoned, immaculate
buddha says this some real light shit, man
back again, comin’ again, meet-a meet-a man chim-chim-any
in the (e’s?) these dwellings all along the deep blue seas
ooh whee, manto say this is some of the best hip hop i have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time is not a lie. the best, this is why i love hip hop and always will. its real life stories that i can relate to.bc9 fishes the album with king of clubs. just a banging club bouncing tronic under the radar superstar groove with sic urban beats that keep you grinding all night long.

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All and all one of the best releases i have purchased in a long time from start to finish. if your like me and love all the genres represented here, buy it . 5 stars pier boucher