wizard sign of the times

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Release: 27th March 2015

Label: Hostage Bass

Available here

“This is a dancefloor banger, which is dark and murky enough to ‘bun out Pinky and Perky” – DJ Mag. April 2015 Issue.

If ever there was a release to kick start a year then this is it! Bossman Wizard teams up with a diverse selection of vocalists to bring you Sign Of The Times.

The original features Daddy Freddy, Lady Chann, Tall Rich, Blackout JA & Supa4 in this all out Drum & Bass assault. Hold on to anything cos when this one hits no ones gonna be left standing still. Intricate edits, thunderous bass drops and vocals packed with attitude set this as a sure fire classic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Stepping up on first remix duties is DnB legend Mampi Swift who wastes no time getting strait to the point – ripping synths, a bass rhythm to scare Dillinja flying over chaotically synchronized breaks to devastating effect.

Rounding off this package we have a true modern day junglist Bladerunner. Fresh from scoring a top 100 remix for Sub Slayers in Beatports 2014 Drum & Bass seller chart Bladerunner goes all in for the deep rolling sound we all know and love him for. Junglists get ready!

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