Icicle ‘Entropy Live’ show

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Presenting the first of its kind, Icicle’s brand new ‘Entropy Live’ show will take audiences deep into the mind and music of the one of most renowned producers in bass music today. Translating his latest album ‘Entropy’ into the live arena with Icicle taking traditional music performance to new electronic heights with the award winning vocalist Skittles hosting, complete with cutting edge visual production and live VJ’ing. The Icicle ‘Entropy Live’ tour will revolutionise, bringing man, machines and above all music, into one unmissable new show.

“A question I hear all to often these days is ‘What is the future of DJ’ing’? Entropy Live is my answer. Bringing what I do in the studio directly to a stage, I think, is the new way of communicating my music with my fans. Entropy Live is based on hardware, controllers, live synthesis, sequencing and analogue mixing. There is no digital audio workstation involved and I cannot simply press play and take a step back. Sonically the show is a re-imagining of my album Entropy with some additional music from my earlier career and live improvisations. I think this show is about technical excellence as much as it is about depth, and Skittles is the embodiment of that sentiment holding a microphone.

In addition to the audio there is video curated in collaboration with ‘Immanent VJ’ Drew Best. We’ll see musical events paired up with visuals using pioneering midi synchronisation. What you see directly correlates to what you hear and when the music stops, the visuals stop. Ultimately, I want to show how my music is made, I want to show what the process looks like both physically and in my mind. But the main aim of all this is, as always, to make people dance!” – Icicle, February 2015.

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