Kotu ft Rhea Dean & Cyko Logic – Burn It Up

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Label: Killer Kuttz

Burn It Up’ is a jungle / DnB laced tune that crosses smooth B-Lines with epic break downs and lyrics that dive into the complicated nature of a relationship between a couple. Rhea Dean and Cyko Logic are the vocalists for KOTU Live and their magnetic stage presence together transfers to the screen. This track sees a perfect harmony between the soft vocals of Rhea and smooth bars of Cyko Logic.

Media and fans alike have tried to compare the group to a range of artists, but the “Jazzy / Funky N-Dubz” is a comparison that keeps coming up again and again. However one of the exciting things about KOTU and their Live act is it is impossible to pigeon hole them into a sound or genre. They take you on a musical journey from jazz infused hip hop, to soul, dance and Drum & Bass. This means their live shows provide amazing variety, that gets everyone dancing and their releases are bringing fans from many different scenes to support their music

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