RICH RAW- Souled Out

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Release: 23rd March 2015

Available from: Amazon

Blowing the whistle on the new 2015 season for Wyatt Noise Recordings is the label head himself, Rich Raw, who drops in two sonic assaults designed to rattle rib cages across dance floors from Oxford to Azerbaijan.



Don’t let the uplifting, piano infused intro fool you, ‘Souled Out’ drops into one of the coolest low-slung rollers heard in a long time. With bottom end bigger than Feltz, fans of that classic Bristol bass sound will be all over this.

Upping the angst on ‘The Sorcerer’, Rich moves into full on tech territory with snare rolls interwoven amongst a plethora of gnarly synths before the breaks roll and the big room riff carries us away. A proper meaty morsel of filthy Wyatt Noise Recordings.

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