State Of Mind & Chris.SU – Chariots / Full Force

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eatbrain013Wasting no time, Eatbrain is back with another dancefloor annihilating EP. It comes from a name needing little introduction in today’s quickly rising movement of high energy neurofunk drum & bass; the badmen from New Zealand, State of Mind.
The duo’s high-octane style of drum & bass has catapulted them through the ranks over the last few years, forging alliances with some of the genre’s foremost innovators. Their latest effort, The Full Force EP, sees State of Mind link with the infamous Budapest sound; collaborating with the likes of Mindscape, Chris.SU, and Jade himself. It’s a fearsome meeting of the minds – after all, this is Eatbrain. Premier neurofunk.

State Of Mind leads off with the eponymous ‘Full Force’. From the first beat, ‘Full Force’ sees SOM balance the slick, robotic aesthetics of neurofunk DNB with the confident swagger of rock and metal; The duo makes it look easy. Live instrumentation subtly sets the stage from the outset, building eventually to a concoction of paper-crisp bass and weighty, swinging drums.

Chris.SU joins SOM on the next joint – ‘Chariots’ – and the result is addictive. It doesn’t come as a surprise – since their first collaboration in 2007, the names SOM and Chris.SU have together been synonymous with quality. ‘Chariots’ warms things up in classic fashion, with ominous voices underlying swaths of uplifting heroic melodies, although that’s where the roadmap ends. The duo brings us into a fierce groove of warmly oscillating and grinding basslines, only cut short as they’re forcefully punctuated with a lethal arrangement of menacing lead synth stabs. The verdict on this one is clear – a pure dancefloor killer. It’s a testament to their finesse as collaborators, that they so easily walk the line between the listeners’ expectations and sounds, rhythms and structures which are entirely alien – in the best way possible.


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