Memoir of a Groove [November 2013]

Liquid Drum & Bass mix by Rebellion
If you're a fan of the more mature, organic sounds of Liquid Drum & Bass, then this concept mix is for you. Full of jazzy vibes, familiar riffs and sexy vocals, Memoir of a Groove will take you to the sexy side of Liquid Drum & Bass and get you in the mood for some good lovin'. Turn off the lights and ignite them candles. It's time to reach deep from within yourselves and let your love shine bright. Mastering done by: Cover art done by:
01 Moon Safari + Jah Condah: Living In Motions 02 MSDOS + Motta: Positive 03 Side 1: Floating On 04 Donnie Dubson: Gin & Tonic 05 Broken Eye: Feeling The Music

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