Kronology’s Top 10 Technique Tunes

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To celebrate the 15 Years of Technique Recordings Album, Nick & Rene aka Kronology have given us lucky folks at DBHQ a run down of their Top 10 Technique Tunes:


1 – Drumsound & Bassline Smith – “Can You Feel It”

“A legendary anthem that’s instantly recognizable.  This one still destroys in any DJ set!” 


2 – Crissy Criss & Youngman – “Kick Snare (Drumstep VIP)”

“Incredibly filthy and catchy at the same time, this one is the ultimate example of how powerful Crissy and Youngman are when they come together on a track.  A modern day classic!”


3 – Technicolour & Komatic – “Daydreamer”

“A true gem of a tune with a timeless melody.  These guys were already brilliant in this early release before they were known as Technimatic.


4 – Tantrum Desire – “Reach”

“Quite possibly the most massive Tantrum Desire tune of them all!  An all-time favorite of ours.”



5 – Drumsound & Bassline Smith – “Cold Turkey”

“Another legendary dancefloor anthem that defined an era – one of the top all-time intros!”


6 – ShockOne & Phetsta – “The Sun”

“This track defined a sound and made Phetsta and ShockOne household names – hugely influential.”


7 – J Majik & Wickaman – “Smokin Herb”

“A nasty bassline destroyer from the legendary duo – secret weapon material!”


8 – Tantrum Desire – “Pay Your Own Way”

“One of the most anthemic tunes by Tantrum Desire, this one stands the test of time and continues to make us throw our hands up whenever we hear it.”


9 – 2DB – “JD’s Revenge”

“A real contender for the largest drop of all time.  Huge!” 


10 – Crissy Criss – “Rinsin Selection”

“Crissy doing what he does best and tearing the speakers a new one!  A seriously heavy banger that we keep coming back to.”

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Thanks to Kronology and all of the crew over at Technique Recordings for taking the time

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