T3K-SAMPLEPACK001: T3K Recordings presents SPEKTRUM

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The first release via T3K Recordings in 2015 is a very special one. It is time to finally unleash the first samplepack on the label.
This project was initially started in a facebook group called  “SPEKTRUM”  and proves that at least one of those mostly spam oriented places had a purpose. And all the artists involved did not hesitate to agree on making it a FREE DOWNLOAD!

This pack is more than 1.2 GB and was created by some known artists like Neonlight, Wintermute, Bowsar, Epidemic, Konfront.Audio and Kryptomedic.
And it features material by some up and coming talents like Dreadmaul, Emphasis, Phlage, Erazer, Hadron, Mindless, Neothrope, Phaera, Ultramagnus,
Rune and of course labelowner Kaiza.

Additionally the pack features a special guest:
Foken and his already proven sound design skills are with it, too.

So, the label and all the artists involved wish everybody a lot of fun with this soundpack. Do not hesitate to send stuff that contains any of those samples.
And now download straight away and start to mash, mangle and twist!


http://drumandbassnews.net/downloads/T3K-SAMPLEPACK001_Spektrum_DNB_Samplepack.zip (1gbits mirror)



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