Seba - Inside Yourself and Berberian Sound

New Release – Seba – Inside Yourself / Berberian Sound

Seba - Inside Yourself and Berberian Sound
– Inside Yourself and Sound

Seba returns with a deep techno inspired 12”.
Inside yourself is built on a techno stab and filtered pads. The track is an attempt to fuse drum&bass with modern techno.

“This is the type of sound that I listen to when i go out clubbing. The only differ- ence is that the tempo is usually 125-130 BPM.

Berberian sound starts with a minimal beat and a agressive bass, arranged with fading arpeggios and sound effects. This track was inspired by the movie “Berberian sound studio”. Surrealistic and spooky.”


We will have more info and release dates etc for you very soon !