FOURWARD – Foot Soldiers / Tingod

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Release: 9th February 2015

Available from: iTunes

2015 is already getting off to a flying start for Austrian quartet Fourward, as their Shogun Audio released track Phase Align is announced as one of Beatport’s top selling drum and bass tracks for 2014. February 2015 celebrates the release of their double A-side Foot Soldiers / Tingod where Ludwig, Lukas, Dominik and Nik show why four really is the magic number.



Side A Foot Soldiers picks up where Phase Align (Countdown EP) left off with its punchy breaks and tearing tech-step leads. Described succinctly by Fourward’s Lukas as ‘in your face’, the track starts off moody and continues down a path of destruction set to keep you and your henchmen grimacing with delight on the dancefloor.

On the flip, Tingod builds up with eerie techy instrumentals before rolling into a powerful neurofunk groove atop a tightly filtered bass line. A real secret savage, Tingod’s dramatic breakdown is like being chased by a great white with the final kill in the second drop.

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