Callide presents the Remixes

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system callide - portugalComing this January, System Shock Recordings present a brand new remix EP from the main man Callide. Since re-igniting the label, Callide has made sure that the music SSR puts out has only been of the highest quality and now he presides over an EP of his own tracks, remixed by some of the biggest names out there – Kitcha, DJ Hybrid, DJ Vapour, Dominator and Modified Motion. System Shock present SYST022, The Remixes.
AK1200 “Heavy as it comes!!” // Mind Vortex “Wicked tunes”
TC “Kitcha remix is sick :)” // Dillinja “Great rmx”

Kitcha kicks things off, handling The Gun Man. He lifts things up, rising to the challenge of adding something to the audacious, awesome original. This time around, there is even more raw saw bass, even more massive kicks and a feeling of energy and dancefloor destruction. If you thought things couldn’t get better for the Gun Man, you’re wrong. Next up on the EP is Hybrid, with his effortless remix of Inferno. Get ready for this one – you won’t have heard anything like it before. A soft, shimmering intro is soon swapped for all-out attack, as pure fire is inflicted with stuttering beats and simply huge bass fields. Phasers set to stun.
Vapour does his thing as only he can on 88 Track. The remix has to be heard to be believed, as the 36Hertz man brings the heat with a devastating drum pattern.

You won’t be able to resist skanking out to this one, as Vapour goes at the remix with all guns blazing. Serious music, for serious partying.
AMC “Seriously fuck off! Mental music and this just made all the gigs I have on the lead up to NYE and in jan, brutal!”
Nicky BM “biiiiiiig rmxs !!!”
Crissy Criss “SICK”
DART theremixesominator contributes his remix of A Way To Get The Answer, bouncing the flow from the intro into the main section, where he turns up the bass and smashes things into next week. Breaking through all barriers, Dominator takes the track in new directions. We wrap up the EP with Modified Motion’s electrifying 2010 remix of Ecstasy Rising. After the spoken sample of the intro, all bets are off as MM absolutely destroys things. Humming saws, frenetic beats and enough attitude to kill a man, this is something very special.
The entire Remixes EP is huge, and this is a straight up must buy release.
John B “Whoah!”
Bailey “That Dominator Remix blew my head off!!”
Dieselboy “Solid”
Support: TC, Dillinja, Hazard, Mind Vortex, Nicky Blackmarket, Crissy Criss, AK1200, John B, Bailey, Twister, Dieselboy, Mista Noize, Shortee, Zardonic, Konichi, Logan D, Chef, Ruffstuff, Drumsound, Hoodlum, Kenny Ken, Chris SU, Erb N Dub, Jamal, N3gus and more!

Monday Juno Exclusive: 12th Jan 2015 : Buy Link:

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