Crissy Criss – Trinity Vol 2

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With the conclusion of Crissy Criss’s ground-breaking, genre-defining 1Xtra show last year, the obvious question is, what’s next? Well, what’s next is the continuation of his international DJ career, dubstep production and DJing as part of Dead Exit and work with his own label The Zooooo. But what’s next for Crissy Criss the drum and bass producer? Answer: this is.

“Go Hard” sets out Crissy’s statement of intent. An expansive soundscape of pads and subtle percussive hits is ruptured by a warning of imminent danger provided by siren tones, a layer of jagged bass and a march-time arpeggio. This all sets the mood for a stomping militaristic beat, but then Mr Criss wrong-foots us and switches up the timing to give us some downright funky syncopation instead. These contrasting rhythmical flavours, delivered with typically tough drums and basslines make this one that’s bound to set the dance alight.

Then “Monday” brings a darker hue. A grinding drill-bit tone in the mid-range instantly penetrates straight through the gloom of the intro, setting up for a stripped-back drop that’s all about the basslines. Interplay between Crissy’s expertly-manipulated low-end sounds and higher-register staccato hits is mirrored by the call and response of chest-vibratingly hard kicks and snares. This is raw, screw-face music for when the ravers want to get grimey.

Finally, we’re treated to a Dead Exit relick of “Everybody” from Crissy’s “More Than Ever” EP. They’ve taken the component elements of the original and reworked them into multiple layers of percussion, rebuilding them into a dubstep framework. The slower tempo and more minimalistic form allows some of the savagery of the original to be channelled into more intricately-designed programming without sacrificing any of the pure dancefloor appeal.

So, with “Trinity Vol 2”, Crissy Criss shows that even alongside his hectic schedule of DJing, dubstep and label-running, he’s still showing no signs of letting his drum and bass production skills slip. He’s still representing for multiple flavours of bass-heavy music, and there’s plenty more where that came from.


1. Crissy Criss – Go Hard
2. Crissy Criss – Monday
3. Crissy Criss – Everybody (Dead Exit Remix)


Release Date: 18th January 2015

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