Trei – Empires EP

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TREi – Empires EP

Release Date: 28th December 2014

Available from: iTunes & Amazon

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already have been spinning TREi’s first Technique excursion, his remix of Digital’s “Midnight”, which dropped a few months ago. And you certainly won’t have overlooked this New Zealand producer’s prolific output on other top-tier labels like Viper, Commercial Suicide and Shogun over the last few years. And with this EP already having chalked up Radio 1 play it’s clearly time to focus and see what’s up.



So TREi has introduced himself properly to the Technique faithful. With this EP he’s shown he can pull in elements from multiple styles, draw upon an array of musical forms and influences and make them all conform to his rave-shaking will. If the title of this release, “Empires” is a statement of ambition, then this is another step on the road to conquest.




1. TREi – Empires
2. TREi – Masquerade
3. TREi – Identity Crisis ft. Fader
4. TREi – Born Killer


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