LIZ-E – Need You

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SGN042: LIZ-E – Need You

Release date:
23rd November 2014 (Digital)
8th December 2014 (Vinyl)

Available from iTunes and Amazon
D&B’s rapidly rising Liz-E returns to SGN for her second outing, following hot on the success of her debut on the label last year. Signing out of 2014 in style, are two tracks of beautifully crafted drum & bass.


With a nod to the old school, ‘Need You’ brings classic vocal samples hinged around amen breaks and pitch-shifting snares, all riding over an enormous sub tone bassline designed for big room raves the world over. A hands in the air, SGN party piece that does the damage, guaranteed.

‘On My Mind’ opts to soothe the soul, underpinned by a smooth rolling break, warm ethereal pads and gentle vox, all combining for a hazy summer slice of liquid gold. No doubt there’s much more to come from Liz-E in 2014.

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