Mix for my Mum (Don’t be Ageist).

Drum and Bass mix by Arriay aka Gangsta Lean
Arriay aka Gangsta Lean
Some of my mums favourite dnb tracks. She likes good 70s and 80s music, so you could call this mix 'sample-friendly'. The mix was just quickly thrown together (some mixes are not key-matched, shock horror) so if your a pedant you might not enjoy this mix. PS - As wicked as it would be if my mum like Quadrant and D-Struct I have to say that she just likes the mix of dreaming about you by rowpieces over the top of it. That tune is just for the headz (you know who you are).

Inna Self - Night Groove
Submorphics - Hurt you
Tokalosh - Electric Sun
Command Strange - Beautfiul Days
Roy Ayers - Everybody loves the sunshine (Hi Fidel Cartel remix)
Paul SG - Hidden Smile

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